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TODO: WiP to establish collection and automagic alignment/inclusion in BIDS datasets of video and audio as presented to the participants for all experiments. Envisioned purposes are not limited to

  • QA and trouble-shooting:
  • did MR collection started in time?
  • were there any abnormalities with video/audio stimuli delivery for that session?
  • Automated extraction of visual annotations to be used as
  • Forward modeling inputs
  • Standard GLM explanatory variables

video/audio tracks are to be stored under stimuli/ of BIDS datasets, under filenames matching corresponding .nii.gz data.

Video capturing device at hands: Magewell USB Capture DVI Plus (DVI, VGA, HDMI Composite, and Component ) It is accessible in Linux via V4L etc, but for the fine control over USB we need to use proprietary dynamic libraries. Libraries and C++ examples are available within SDK for Linux

Behavioral data

TODO: WiP ... to automagically provide detailed, and temporally aligned to MRI acquisition, _events.tsv files for BIDS datasets.