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Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center Handbook


Welcome to DBIC! Here, you'll find the documentation you'll need to complete your research here at Dartmouth. As it turns out, neuroscience is hard, you will need many tools to collect and manage your data (which might be huge!). Neuroscience also requires a LOT of calculation and you may need to use more powerful compute resources. It is likely you will need to learn some foundational skills as a Linux Terminal user, and you will likely need to interact with Dartmouth's supercomputing cluser, "Discovery".

1 crazy tip that everyone should know

This handbook is (hopefully) lovingly maintained by DBIC users. If there's technology that many of you need to learn, add it here. If something is difficult or impossible, add it here.

Consider this handbook your gift the the next generation of unfortunate researchers who have just been smited by 1 million tools to learn. TODO(link to


The Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center (DBIC) is a research resource that is provided by Dartmouth College to all brain researchers in the Dartmouth community. Please visit DBIC website for more information.


The documentation framework and some materials for this handbook are based on bids-specification released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, the same as the license this handbook released under. We are grateful to all BIDS Specification Contributors!

Contributors to this handbook are listed in Contributors appendix.