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Neuroimaging Data Access

All data is collected and provided for access and conversion into BIDS on

You need to request access permissions from Andrew Connolly.


All dicoms are organized into YEAR/MONTH/DATE/ACCESSION hierarchy under /inbox/DICOM. You can scp or rsync them to your local storage.


At the moment, upon request from a lab member to Yaroslav Halchenko, data is converted from DICOMs into BIDS within the directories hierarchy under /inbox/BIDS, following convention described in ReproIn section (TODO: make into a reference).

These directories are also DataLad datasets, so you have two options on how to transfer them:

Reckless clone still wants to access rolando

TODO: Yarik figureout

(conda-20200210-datalad) [d31548v@discovery7 tmp]$ datalad install -s 1021_actions --reckless auto 1021_actions_reckless
[INFO   ] Fetching updates for <Dataset path=/dartfs/rc/lab/D/DBIC/DBIC/tmp/1021_actions_reckless>

    Dartmouth College, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
                      Authorized access only's password:

Old fashion way

scp or rsync. But you would need to take care about dereferencing symlinks.

rsync --exclude=.git --copy-links -r \ dbic-animals

You could add --exclude=sourcedata and/or --exclude=derivatives to exclude folders with original DICOMS and possible derivatives (fmriqc, etc).